Playlist 14.12.2016

Interpret Album Titel Label
Ritchie Arndt Mississippi Memphis, Tennessee Fuego
Stevie Nimmo Sky Won't Fall Running On Back To You Manhaton / Cadiz
Johnny Guitar Watson I Hear That Ganster Of Love
What The Hell is This A Real Mother for Ay
Kat Riggins Blues Revival Music Fiend Bluzpik
Wail Away
Aynsley Lister Eyes Wide Open All Of Your Love Manhaton / Cadiz
Eyes Wide Open Il Grande Mafioso
Sampler Cajun & Zydeco Classics Louisiana Blues
Mike Zito Make Blues Not War Highway Mama RUF
Rolling Stones Blue & Lonesome Little Rain
Blue & Lonesome Blue & Lonesome
Stoppok Haste mal 'ne Mark An Tagen wie diesen Chlodwig
Beth Hart, Joe Bonnamassa Don't Explane Chocolate Jesus Mascot
Henrik Freischlader House In The Woods 1999 Cable Car
Jimmy Reiter High Prist Of Nothing Take the Easy Way Pogo Pop
Told You So Wayting For My Luck to Change Pogo Pop
Told You So Hard Time Pogo Pop
High Prist Of Nothing Surf Chipmunk Pogo Pop
Told You So Too Many Cooks Pogo Pop
Posted on: 15. Dezember 2016marc