Playlist 18.10.2017

Interpret Album Titel Label
B.B. & The Blues Shacks Reservation Blues Why I Can't Go Home Rhythm Bomb
      " Honeycomb       "
Lars & Dixie Nütz Jo Nix Blues Op Platt Documents
      " Melanklüterig       "
Alastair Green Dream Train Lucky 13 inakustik
…ft. Dennis Grünling       " Dare Devil       "
Chris Holzhaus (Almost) Everybody Slides Long Sad Letters Sky Ranch Records
Duke Robillard       " You're The One That I Adore       "
Bad Temper Joe And His Band Hard To Die Timezone
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde #4 Timezone
Peter Green Anthology First Train Home Salvo
B.B. & The Blues Shacks Reservation Blues Angry Cat Rhythm Bomb
The Blues Company Limited Jubilee Edition (Encores) The Blues Is Alwright inakustik
…ft. Steve Baker Limited Jubilee Edition (With A Little Help) Blues Is My Middle Name       "
Buddy Guy DJ Play My Blues Just Teasin' JSP Records
Boz Scaggs Memphis Corrina Corrina 429 Records
Lynyrd Skynyrd Live From Freedom Hall Free Bird Roadrunner
John Hiatt Terms Of My Surrender Long Time Comin' Rykodisc
Van Morrisson ft. Georgy Fame Roll With The Punches Going To Chicago Caroline
Fleedwood Mac Mr. Wonderful Doctor Brown Columbia
The Blues Company ft. Johnny Heartsman Limited Jublilee Edition (With A Little Help) Comin' Home Baby inakustik

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Posted on: 21. Oktober 2017marc