Playlist 18.09.2019

Interpret Album Titel Label
Katarina Pejak, Ina Forsman, Ally Venable Blues Caravan 2019 They Say I'm Different Ruf Records
      "       " Sixteen Tons       "
Kirk Fletcher Hold On Gotta Right Eigenlable
Ghalia Mississippi Blend Squeeze Ruf Records
      "       " Why Don't You Sell Your Children       "
Buddy Guy Confessin' The Blues Damn Right, I've Got The Blues BMG
Giles Robson Don't Give Up On The Blues Hey, Hey Now! American Show Place
Kjell Gustavsson Rhythm & Blues Orchestra Jungle Down To The Waterhole KGMP / Rootsy
The Bluesanovas Emergency Call For The Blues Lucky Man Timezone
Arsen Shomakhov Rain City Blues Rain City Blues Rain City Blues
      "       " Women And Whiskey       "
Jimmy Carpenter Soul Doctor Soul Doctor Gulf Coast Records
      "       " Wanna Be Right       "
Harpdog Brown For Love & Money Reefer Lovin' Women Dog House
      "       " A New Day Is Dawnin'       "
      "       " One Step Forward       "
Danny Bryant Means Of Escape Too Far Gone Jazzhaus
      "       " Warning Signs       "
Julian Sas Stand Your Ground Howlin' Wind Cavalier

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Posted on: 19. September 2019marc