Playlist 04.03.2020

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Liz Mandeville Playing With Fire Just Give Her Chocolate Blue Kitty Music
      "       " Bailing The Titanic       "
Michelle D'Amour And The Lover Dealers Heart Of Memphis Heart Of Memphis Blue Kitty Music
      "       " Dirty Pool       "
Leif de Leeuw Band Where We're Heading Where I'm Heading CRS
Lucky Peterson ft. Tamara Trame 50 Just Warming Up Don't Want Nobody But You Harmonia Mundi
Johnny Rawls Live in Europe Stormy Monday CRS
      "       " Lucy       "
      "       " I Miss Otis Clay       "
Beth Hart Bang Bang Boom Boom Better Man Provogue
      "       " Baddest Blues       "
Sari Schorr Live in Europe New Revolution Manhatton
      "       " Demotition Man       "
Matt Andersen Halfway Home By Morning Gasoline Stubbyfingers
Eddie 9 V Lost My Soul In Memphis Bottel And The Blues Blue Kitty Music
      "       " Bending With The Kings       "
Albert Cummings Believe Me And My Guitar Mascot
      "       " Going My Way       "
      "       " Crazy Love       "
Albert Castiglia Wild and Free (Live) Searching The Desert For The Blues Gulf Coast Records
      "       " Heavy       "
Sven Zeterberg Somthing For Everybody Walk Out Like A Lady Eigenlable

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