Playlist 29.04.2020

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Interpret Album Titel Label
The Altered Five Blues Band Ten Thousend Watts Right On, Right On Blind Pig
Peter Frampton Band All Blues The Thrill is Gone Universal
      "       " I'm a King Bee       "
      "       " Georgia On My Mind       "
The Proven Ones The Proven Ones Gone To Stay Gulf Coast Records
      "       " Already Gone       "
ft. Ruthie Foster Whom My Soul Loves
Marcus King El Dorado No Pain Fantasy Records
Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers Salone Black Widow Spider MIG Music
      "       " Morning School Run Blues       "
      "       " Can' Wait Here Too Long       "
Vanja Sky Woman Named Trouble Hard Times Ruf Records
      "       " Life Is A Bitch       "
      "       " Oh Well       "
Kenny Neal What You Got I Smell Smoke Telarc
      "       " Blues Ain't Nothing But A Good Men Feeling Bad       "
      " Bloodline Bloodline Cleopatra Blues
      "       " I Can't Wait       "
Ben Rice + RB Stone Out Of The Box Jesus Needs A Gig Middle Mountain Music
      "       " Meet Your Maker       "
      "       " Hey Politician       "
Janiva Magness Sings John Fogerty ft. Taj Mahal Change In The Weather Don't You Wish It Was True Blue Elan Records
Janiva Magness Sings? Have You Ever Seen The Rain
      "       " Bad Moon Rising       "
Chrystal Shawnda Church House Blues Church House Blues True North Records
      "       " Evil Memory       "

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