Playlist 20.05.2020

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Bernard Allison Kentucky Fried Blues Live Buzz Me Ruf Records
      "       " Going Down       "
Kenny Neal Blood Line Funny How Time Slips Away Cleopatra Blues
      " What You Do Killed The Goose Thad Laid The Golden Egg Telarc
Jimmy Reiter Noch nicht veröffentlicht: Live Blue Note Osnabrück Januar 2020 I'll Take The Easy Way
      "       " Waiting For My Luck to Change       "
Darrel Nulisch The Bigtone Sessions Vol. 1 Pocket Full Of Money Bigtone Records
Shawn Pittman Make It Right There Will Be a Day Continental Blue Heaven
Rory Gallagher Check Shirt Wizzart Live in '77 Pistol Slapper Blues UMC
      "       " Going To My Hometown       "
      "       " Edged in Blue       "
      "       " Moonchild       "
The Bluesbones Double Live Riding Out
      "       " I'm Still Your Man       "
Keb Mo Suitcase Life is Beautiful Sony BMG
      "       " The Itch       "
      " Big Wide Grin Don't Say No       "
Reverend Shawn Amos and The Brotherhood Blue Sky Hold Back Put Together Music
ft. Ruthie Foster Troubled Man
      "       " 27 Dollars       "
Sven Zetterberg Let Me Get Over It Leaning Tree Last Buzz
      "       " How Come My Bulldog Don't Bark       "
      " Moving in the Right Direction A World Outside       "
Steve Miller Band Let Your Hair Down Tell Me What's The Reason Roadrunner Records
      "       " Love The Life I Live       "
      "       " I Ain't Got You       "

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