Playlist 27.05.2020

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Victor Wainwright and the Train Memphis Loud Mississippi Ruf Records
      "       " Memphis Loud       "
      "       " Reconcile       "
The Wild Magnolia Mariachis Boogie Indians Don't Trust The Suit NotNowMom
      "       " Shake 'em Down       "
King Mo King of The Town 200 Miles CRS
Kat Pearson My Roots Labour's Train ToneTrade
      "       " The Truth       "
      "       " Can't Leave It Alon       "
Tom Prinzipato Robert Johnson Told Me So The Rain Came Pourin' Down DixiFrog
Bjørn Berge Mad Fingers Ball The Last Call Jazzhaus Records
Altered Five Blues Band Ten Thousand Watts Great Minds Drink Alike Blind Pig
      "       " Don't Rock My Blues       "
      "       " I Hate to Leave You (with a 6-Pack in the Fridge)       "
Van Morrison Three Cords AndThe Truth Up On Broadway Exile Records
Be Sharp Band Ashes Boogie Independent
      "       " Just Blues       "
      "       " Ashes       "
Hugh Laurie Let Them Talk Police Dog Blues Warner
      "       " After You've Gone       "
Lucky Peterson 50 Just Warming UP 50 Years Jazz Village
      "       " Don't Want Nobody But You       "
BBM (Bruce, Baker, Moore) Around the Next Dream Why Does Love Virgin
      " Lockdown Sessions Part 1 CrossCut Records
Schneller, Winters, M. Wade, Leino, Roonie, Maass Lockdown Blues
Kumar, A. Arlt, Roonie, Maass Can'T Get Too Close
M. Arlt, M. Wade, Leino Personal Shutdown
Wallenstein, C. Wade Death Letter Blues
Kaplan, Roonie, Werkmeister Mean Old Quarantine
Merwyk, Puertas, Roonie, Maass Low-Down Lockdown
C. Wade, Arlt, Roonie Get Me Outta Here
Gross, Matthews, Maass Blow A Poor Man Down
Bleiming, Bock Boogie Galore
Victor Mac, C. Wade, Roonie The Death Of Louisiana Red
A. Arld, M. Wade, Roonie Maass Home Alone Stomp
Strauss, Kumar, Kaplan World Crisis Blues
Black Patti, Filisko Be Ready When He Comes
Garner, Merwyk, C. Wade Why You Lie

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