Playlist 25.11.2020

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Billy J. Rise Above My Baby's Blue
      "       " Sweaty Melons       "
Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johanson Blues in My Blood Blues in My Blood Nola Blue
      "       " Michael       "
Kai Strauss In My Prime In My Prime Continental Blue Heaven
      "       " Guest in the House of the Blues       "
      "       " World Crisis Blues       "
      "       " Put That Bottle Down       "
Mighty Sam Mc Claim Give It Up To Love I'm Tired Of These Blues Valley
Natural Blues I Can't Breath I Can't Breath AAA Culture
      "       " Sweet Goddest Blues       "
      "       " Rocking Goddest Blues       "
Betty Lavette Worthy Unbelievable Cherry Red
Delgres Mo Jodi Mo Jodi Groupe Yapuka
Timo Gross u. Adax Dörsam Leadbelly Calls Black Betty Grand Cru Records
      "       " Blow My Blues Away       "
Philipp Fankhauser I'll Be Around Circumstances Funk House
The Bluesbones Chasing Shadows Sealed Souls Donor
Rory Gallagher Cleveland Calling Pistol Slapper Blues Chess
      "       " Blow Wind Blow       "
Tinsley Ellis Tough Love Seven Years Heartfixer
      "       " In From The Cold       "

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