Playlist 31.03.2021

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Altered Five Blues Band Ten Thousand Watts Right On, Right On The Orchard
      "       " I Hate To Leave You (With a 6-Pack in the Fridge)       "
Zlatko & The Zodiacs Springtime In Paris Springtime In Paris Eigenlabel
Shawn Pittman Stompin' Solo Leanin' Load Must Have Music
      "       " Somebody Gonny Loose       "
      "       " Take a Real Good Look       "
Albert King Blues For Elvis Hound Dog Stax
      "       " Heartbreak Hotel       "
Roger + Marion Wade Cookin' At Home Playing With Fire Steeplejack Music
      "       " Ain't Nobody's Business (ft. Veronica Sbergia)       "
      "       " And I Drank       "
      "       " Take It Easy, Baby       "
Susan Tedeschi Wait For Me Gonna Move Tone-Cool Records
      " Live From Austin Texas Lost Lover Blues New West Records
Blood, Sweat & Tears God Bless The Child Legacy
Marc Amacher Roadhouse Ride On jazzhaus
      "       " What She Say       "
      "       " Roadhouse       "
The Bluesanovas New Single Rock 'n' Roll Music Timezone
Travelin' Blues Kings New Single Gotta Get Away Donor
Bobby Rush Sitting On Top Of The Blues Hey Hey Bobby Rush Deep Rush
      "       " Get Out Of Here       "
      "       " Bowlegged Woman       "

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