Playlist 07.07.2021

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Joe Bonamassa Now Serving: Royal Tea Live from the Raymon Why Does It Takes So Long To Say Goodbye Mascot
      "       " A New Day Yesterday       "
Jessie Lee & The Alchemists Let It Shine Another Dixiefrog
      "       " But You Lie       "
      "       " Let It Shine       "
Roger Chapman Life In The Pond Nightmare No. 5 Ruf Records
      "       " Rabbit GotThe Gun       "
Mike Clark Devil's Playground Water to the River Eigenlable
The Marcus King Band Soul Insight Honey Evil Teen
      "       " Everything       "
Adam Schultz Soulful Distancing A Real Mother For Ya Blue Heart Records
      "       " Early in The Morning       "
Lurrie Bell Can't Shake This Feeling Born With The Blues Delmark
Mark Cameron Back From The Edge It's Alright COP Records
      "       " This is The Blues       "
King Solomon Hicks Harlem Help Me Mascot
Chris Bergson All I Got Left All I Got Left Coast to Coast
      "       " Lattitude       "
Julian Sas Stand Your Ground Howlin'Wind Cavalier
Alligator Records 50 Years of Genuine Houserockin' Music
Hounddog Taylor & The HouseRockers Give Me Back My Wig Alligator Records
The Paladins Let's Buzz (1990) Keep On Loving Me Baby Alligator Records
Michal Burks Iron Man (2008) Love Desease Alligator Records
Kenny Neal Hoodoo Moon (1994) I'm A Blues Man Alligator Records
Janiva Magness What Love Will Do (2008) That's What Love Will Make You Do Alligator Records
Chris Cain Raisin' Cain (2021) You Won't Have A Problem When I'm Gone Alligator Records
Guitar Shorty Bare Knuckle (2010) Too Late Alligator Records
Lonnie Mack Attack Of The Killer V! (1990) Riding The Blinds (Live) Alligator Records
Lonnie Brooks Bayou Lightning Strikes (1988) Cold Lonely Nights (Live) Alligator Records
Luther Allison Live in Chicago (1999) Soul Fixin' Man (Live) Alligator Records
Tommy Castro And The Painkillers Killin' It Live (2019) Make It Back To Memphis (Live) Alligator Records
Roy Buchanan Hot Wires (1987) That Dit It Alligator Records
Toronzo Cannon The Preacher, The Politician Or The Pimp (2019) The Chicago Way Alligator Records

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