Playlist 04.08.2021

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Interpret Album Titel Label
"Christone ""Kingfish"" Ingram" 662 662 Alligator Records
      "       " That's What You Do       "
      "       " Something in the Dirt       "
      "       " Another Life Goes By       "
Chris Bergson All I Got Left Blind Willie Mctell Continental Blue Heaven
B.B King One Kind Favor Blues Before Sunrise Universal
B.B. King His Definitive Greatest Hits Better Not Look Down
Joost de Lange Band Lonesome Wolf Fly On
      "       " Dreams       "
Ike Turner Risin' With The Blues Eighteen Long Years Zoho Roots
      "       " I'll Be Waiting       "
Willy De Ville The Willy De Ville Acoustic Trio Carmelita Meyer
Dave Kalz Relish I Can't Quit You Baby Gulf Coast Records
      "       " Playing The Blues With My Friends       "
Tedeschi Trucks Band And Trey Anastasio Layla Revisited Live at Lockn' Have You Ever Loved A Woman Concord
      "       " Bell Bottom Blues       "
      "       " Layla       "
John Lee Hooker Boom Boom Trick Bag Concord
Jonathon Long Parables of a Southern Man The Ride Wild Heart
      "       " Landline       "
      "       " Jenny       "

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