Playlist 05.01.2022

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Interpret Album Titel Label
The Altered Five Blues Band Ten Thousand Watts Right On, Right On Blind Pig
Kenny Traylor Tribute You Took Me In Topcat Records
      "       " The Letter       "
The Paul Delay Band Blues Harp Boogie Harpoon Man Music Collection
Bobby Rush Purcupine Meat I Don't Want Nobody Hanging Around New Rounder
Henrik Freischlader Band Missing Pieces New Beginning Cable Car Records
Clarence Gatemouth Brown American Music Texas Style Swamp Ghost Real Records
Sean Webster Band Three Nights Live Slow Dancing in a Burning Room KNM Music
B. B. King with the Roling Stones Deuces Wild Paying the Cost to be the Boss MCA Records
Hot 'n' Nasty Dirt It's Only Money Soul Food
Whitey Somers The Call Of The Blues A Free Man Eigenlabel
The Cadillac Kings Gonna Tell Your Mama Boogie Hamar 33 Records
Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher For The Last Time Strange Music
Jimmy Reiter Live I'll Take The Easy Way Pogo Pop
Maceo Parker It's All About Love Love The One Youre With Delta Music
Wentus Blues Band Family Meeting Ventilator Blues Ruf Records
Albert King Blues Box I Got the Blues BMG Ariola
The Blues Bones Double Live Cruisin' Eigenlabel
Bad Temper Joe One Can Wreck It All The Night Johnny Cash Quit Doing Pills Timezone
Jimmy Dillon Bad And Blue Sea Of Blues Eigenlabel
      "       " Private Investigator       "
Bobby Rush Porcupine Meat It's Your Move New Rounder
      "       " Nighttime Gardener       "
Philipp Fankhauser Home Home Funk House Blues
James Peterson Rough And Ready Chicken Biddy King Snake Records
      "       " Sing The Blues Until I Die       "
B. B. King with Eric Clapton Deuces Wild Rock Me Baby MCA Records
Kai Strauss & The Electric Blues All Stars Live in Concert Shades of Earl Continental Blue Heaven

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