Playlist 27.04.2022

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Larry McCray Blues Without You Arkansas Keepin The Blues Alive
      "       " Blues Without You       "
Bluespam What Is Moyo Crossroads Timezone Records
      "       " When I'm Grey And Old       "
Aynsley Lister Eyes Wide Open Il Grande Mafioso Straight Talkin'Records
      "       " All Of Your Love       "
Altered Five Blues Band Ten Thousand Watts Right On, Right On Blind Pig
      "       " To Mad To Make UP       "
      " Charmed & Dangerous Three Forks       "
Mike Morgan The Lights Went Out in Dallas Ding Dong Daddy CRS
      "       " The Lights Went Out in Dallas       "
Levee Town Music Martyr Music Martyr Huttunes
      "       " Locked Down For Days       "
      "       " The Stumble       "
Guy Davis Be Ready When I Call You I Got A Job In The City MC Records
      "       " Got Your Letter In My Pocket       "
Stef Rosen Soulfly I Can't Stand A Woman Cryin' Timezone
      "       " Comming On Strong       "
Larry McCray Blues Without You Breaking News Keeping The Blues Alive
Dana Fuchs Borrowed Time Borrowed Time Ruf Records
      "       " Blue Mist Road       "
Alabama Slim & Little Freddie King The Mighty Flood I Got The Blues Music Maker

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