Playlist 08.06.2022

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Sass Jordan Bitches Blues Still Alive and Well Stony Plain Records
      "       " Even       "
      "       " Still The World Goes Round       "
      "       " Sailing Shoes       "
Larry McCray feat. Lucky Peterson Live on Interstate 75 Four Little Boys Dixie Frog
Larry McCray Four Nickels
The Yardbirds Having A Rave Up With The Yardbirds Jeff's Blues, Take 1 Epic Records
Lars-Luis Linek White Boys Blues Railway Ride Seagull Music
Altered Five Blues Band Charmed & Dangerous Small Talk Blind Pig
Alexis Corner's Blues Incorparated R&B From The Marquee I Ain't Gonna Worry No More Decca
      "       " Gotta Move       "
      "       " I Wanna Put A Tiger In Your Tank       "
      "       " I Thought I Heard That Train Whistle Blow       "
Black Cat Biscuite The Way It Is Dr. Boogie Naked
      "       " Mean Is Just an Average       "
The Cash Box Kings Black Toppin' Gimme Some of That Blind Pig
      "       " Black Toppin'       "
Ronny Earl Mercy Me Blow Wind Blow Stony Plain Records
      "       " Blues For Duke Robillard       "
Sven Zetterberg Southern Soul Agenda The Handwriting Is On The Wall Borderline Records
      "       " Today I Started Loving You Again       "
Harp Mitch & Guitar Jakobs Blues bie'n Schemerlamp Window Of My Eyes Eigenlabel
Danny Bryant The Early Years Days Like This Continental Blue Heaven

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