Playlist 01.02.2023

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Chris Kramer Die kleine Mundharmonika Die kleine Mundharmonika Blow Till Midnight
      "       " Ich kann alle Töne kriegen       "
The Allman Brothers Band Eat A Peach Blue Sky Polydor
Professor Longhair The Alligator Records Crawfish Fiesta Alligator Records
Annika Andersson & The Boiling Blues Band Playing In A Rock 'n' Roll Band PG Blues
      "       " Old Faithful       "
Eddie 9V Capricorn Yella Aligator Ruf Records
      "       " Beg Borrow And Steal       "
Savoy Brown Blues All Around Black Heart BMI
      "       " Blues All Around       "
Stef Paglia Trio Light & Darkness Stand Up Independent
      "       " Blue Eyes       "
The BluesBones Single Chain Gang Naked
Taj Mahal Single Gee Baby Aint I Good To You Stony Plain Records
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Padlock On The Blues White Line Fever Eagle Records
      "       " Don't Turn Your Back       "
John Mayall Jazz Blues Fusion Good Times Boogie Polydor
      "       " Change Your Ways       "
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Padlock On The Blues I've Got To Talk To You Eagle Records
      "       " When The Blues Are Bad       "
      " Silvertones: The Best Of John Mayall Mail Order Mystics Silvertone Records
John Mayall Wake Up Call Loaded Dice Silvertone Records
      "       " Undercover Agent For The Blues       "
      "       " Light The Fuse       "
Walter Trout Luthers Blues I'm Back Mascot
      "       " Cherry Red Wine       "
Cleveland Fats The Way Things Go Don't Call Me Honeybee Entertainment
Luther Allison Songs From The Road Living In The House Of Blues Ruf Records
      "       " I Hurts Me Too       "
      "       " Low Down And Dirty       "
Cleveland Fats The Way Things Go You'll Love Again Honeybee Entertainment
Beth Hart Fire On The Floor Jazz Man Mascot
      "       " Fire On The Floor       "

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