Playlist 16.08.2023

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones Goovin' at Groove Now Mama Didn't Raise Endless Blues Records
      "       " Every Night When I Get Home       "
Lady Andrena Recipe For The Blues No Ring No Thang Sweet Success Records
      "       " Recipe For The Blues       "
Nigel Mack Back in Style Damn You Mr. Bluesman Blues Attack Record
      "       " Back In Style       "
Paul Boddy Nosy Neighbours Milk And Cookies Slide Records
      "       " Trashcan Head       "
Monster Mike Welch Nothing But Time Walkinkg to You Baby Gulf Coast Records
      "       " In Case You Care       "
      "       " Loosing Every Little Battle       "
      "       " Ten Years Ago       "
Kenny Neal One Step Clother Walk Out In The Rain Telarc
      "       " High On Hilltop       "
      "       " Back Door Tipper       "
      "       " You Care       "
      "       " Whiskey Tears       "
Fred Chapellier & The Gents Set Me Free Crying With The Blues DixieFrog
Wentus Blues Band & Sven Zetterberg Family Meeting I Got To Go RUF Records
Wentus Blues Band & Kim Wilson Passenger Blues
Wentus Blues Band & Sven Zetterberg Pick Up The Pieces
Johnny Rawls Live In Montana Lucy Deep South Sound Records
Steve Hill Desert Trip Judgment Day Eigenlabel
      "       " Rain       "
Chris Cain Somewhere Along The Way Somewhere Along The Way BP
      "       " On This Fine Morning       "
JW-Jones Everything Now It's Not Raining In L.A Solid Blues
      "       " Works Every Time       "
DeWolff Love, Death & In Beetween Mr. Garbage Man Mascot
      "       " Will O'The Wisp       "
Eric Johanson The Deep And The Dirty She Is The Song RUF Records
      "       " Just Like New       "
John Lee Hooker Burnin' Boom Boom VEE JAY Records
      "       " Drug Store Woman       "

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