Playlist 20.05.2020

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Bernard Allison Kentucky Fried Blues Live Buzz Me Ruf Records
      "       " Going Down       "
Kenny Neal Blood Line Funny How Time Slips Away Cleopatra Blues
      " What You Do Killed The Goose Thad Laid The Golden Egg Telarc
Jimmy Reiter Noch nicht veröffentlicht: Live Blue Note Osnabrück Januar 2020 I'll Take The Easy Way
      "       " Waiting For My Luck to Change       "
Darrel Nulisch The Bigtone Sessions Vol. 1 Pocket Full Of Money Bigtone Records
Shawn Pittman Make It Right There Will Be a Day Continental Blue Heaven
Rory Gallagher Check Shirt Wizzart Live in '77 Pistol Slapper Blues UMC
      "       " Going To My Hometown       "
      "       " Edged in Blue       "
      "       " Moonchild       "
The Bluesbones Double Live Riding Out
      "       " I'm Still Your Man       "
Keb Mo Suitcase Life is Beautiful Sony BMG
      "       " The Itch       "
      " Big Wide Grin Don't Say No       "
Reverend Shawn Amos and The Brotherhood Blue Sky Hold Back Put Together Music
ft. Ruthie Foster Troubled Man
      "       " 27 Dollars       "
Sven Zetterberg Let Me Get Over It Leaning Tree Last Buzz
      "       " How Come My Bulldog Don't Bark       "
      " Moving in the Right Direction A World Outside       "
Steve Miller Band Let Your Hair Down Tell Me What's The Reason Roadrunner Records
      "       " Love The Life I Live       "
      "       " I Ain't Got You       "

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Playlist 13.05.2020

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Shawn Pittman Make It Right How Long Continental Blue Heaven
      "       " Woke Up Screaming       "
Albert Cummings Believe Me And My Guitar Provogue
      "       " Get Out Of Here       "
"Christone ""Kingfish"" Ingram" Kingfish Outside Of This Town Alligator Records
      "       " Fresh Out       "
      "       " Love Ain't My Favorite Word       "
Robert Cray Band That's What I Heard This Man Nozzle Records
      "       " You'll Want Me Back       "
      "       " My Baby Likes To Boogaloo       "
The Nick Moss Band Lucky Guy! Lucky Guy Alligator Records
ft. Dennis Gruenling Movin' On My Way
      "       " 312 Blood       "
King Solomon Hicks Harlem I'd Rather Be Blind Provogue
      "       " Love Is Alive       "
      "       " Help Me       "
Michael Van Merwyk The Bear Shotgun Boogie Timezone
      "       " Blues Stop Knocking       "
      "       " Bad Blues       "
      "       " The Bear       "
Lucky Peterson 50 – Just Warming Up Never Make Your Move Too Soon Jazz Village
      "       " Angel Of Mercy       "
      "       " The Blues Is Driving Me       "

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Playlist 29.04.2020

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Interpret Album Titel Label
The Altered Five Blues Band Ten Thousend Watts Right On, Right On Blind Pig
Peter Frampton Band All Blues The Thrill is Gone Universal
      "       " I'm a King Bee       "
      "       " Georgia On My Mind       "
The Proven Ones The Proven Ones Gone To Stay Gulf Coast Records
      "       " Already Gone       "
ft. Ruthie Foster Whom My Soul Loves
Marcus King El Dorado No Pain Fantasy Records
Bai Kamara Jr. & The Voodoo Sniffers Salone Black Widow Spider MIG Music
      "       " Morning School Run Blues       "
      "       " Can' Wait Here Too Long       "
Vanja Sky Woman Named Trouble Hard Times Ruf Records
      "       " Life Is A Bitch       "
      "       " Oh Well       "
Kenny Neal What You Got I Smell Smoke Telarc
      "       " Blues Ain't Nothing But A Good Men Feeling Bad       "
      " Bloodline Bloodline Cleopatra Blues
      "       " I Can't Wait       "
Ben Rice + RB Stone Out Of The Box Jesus Needs A Gig Middle Mountain Music
      "       " Meet Your Maker       "
      "       " Hey Politician       "
Janiva Magness Sings John Fogerty ft. Taj Mahal Change In The Weather Don't You Wish It Was True Blue Elan Records
Janiva Magness Sings? Have You Ever Seen The Rain
      "       " Bad Moon Rising       "
Chrystal Shawnda Church House Blues Church House Blues True North Records
      "       " Evil Memory       "

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Playlist 22.04.2020

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Blues Company Limited Jubilee Edition (Encores) Let's Work Together Timezone
      "       " Honky Tonk Woman       "
      "       " Fool       "
      "       " The Blues Is Alright       "
Kai Strauss & The Electric Blues All Stars Live In Concert Ain't Gonna Ramble No More CRS
      "       " Let Me Love You Baby       "
      "       " I Ain't Buying It       "
      "       " Shades Of Earl       "
Jimmy Reiter Band Live aus dem Blue Note, OS I'll Take the Easy Way
      "       " I'm Givin' In       "
      "       " Waiting For My Luck to Change       "
      "       " What You Need       "
The Bluesanovas Live in Wien Lipstick Traces
      "       " Misery Woman       "
Bad Temper Joe Ain't Worth A Damn Most Things Haven't Worked Out Yet Timezone
      "       " If Tears Were Diamonds       "
      "       " Man For The Road       "
      "       " Honey For My Biscuit       "
      "       " Spoonful       "

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Playlist 15.04.2020

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Josh Smith Live at the Spud How Long
      "       " Pusher       "
      "       " The Way You Do       "
Warren Haynes Band Live At The Moody Theater Man in Motion Provogue
      "       " River's Gonna Rise       "
Larry Carlton, Robben Ford Live in Tokyo Cold Gold 335 Records
Led Zeppelin How the West Was Won Bring It On Home Atlantic
      "       " Since I've Been Loving You       "
Bernard Allison Kentucky Fried Blues Buzz Me Ruf Records
      "       " Going Down       "
      "       " Bad Love       "
Luther Allison Live 89 Serious Teldec
      "       " Life Is A Bitch       "
      "       " Fight       "
Bernard Allison Songs From The Road I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind Ruf Records
      "       " You're Gonna Need Me       "
      "       " Somethings Wrong       "
Albert Castiglia Wild and Free Big Dog Gulf Coast Records
      "       " Searching The Desert For The Blues       "
      "       " Heavy       "
The Nick Moss Band Live And Luscious I Dig Blue Bella
ft. Michael Ledbetter …in Eutin Germany Stand By
      "       " Shade Tree       "

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Playlist 01.04.2020

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Interpret Album Titel Label
Lurrie Bell The Bluescaravan Live At Pit Inn I'll Be Your 44
      "       " I've Got To Leave Chi-Town       "
      "       " Take Me To The River       "
      " Can't Shake This Feeling Drifting Delmark
      "       " This Worrisome Feeling in My Heart       "
      "       " I Cant Shake This Feeling       "
      "       " Born With The Blues       "
Rosedale Wide Awake Racing at the Wheel Dixifrog
      "       " The Sun Won't Rise Today       "
      "       " Fireplace       "
      "       " How In The World       "
      "       " Troublemaker       "
Altered Five Blues Band Ten Thousend Watts Right On, Right On Blind Pig
      "       " Great Minds Drink Alike       "
      "       " Don't Rock My Blues       "
      "       " Let Me Do The Wrong Thing       "
      "       " Half of Nothing       "
      "       " I Hate To Leave You       "
      "       " Too Mad to Make Up       "
The Bluesbones Double Live Riding Out
      "       " No Good For Me       "
      "       " I'm Still Your Man       "
      "       " Whiskey Drinking Woman       "
      "       " Cruisin'       "

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Corona Roads

„Wenn einem die Worte fehlen, um das auszudrücken was uns zutiefst berührt, ist Musik der einzige Weg, um genau das zu versuchen.“

In diesem Sinne versucht Chris Kramer seine Anteilnahme in dieser Situation auszudrücken.

Alle Einnahmen, die durch „Corona Roads“ generiert werden, gehen an „Ärzte ohne Grenzen“.

Der Bluesstammtisch aus dem Homeoffice

Hallo zusammen! Besondere Zeiten erfordern besondere Maßnahmen: da unser Studio bei der Ems-Vechte-Welle weiterhin für externe Moderatoren gesperrt ist, wir euch aber trotzdem mit unserem Bluesstammtisch versorgen wollen, hat Gerd sich in seinem  "Lonely Arts Studio @ Home" an die Arbeit gemacht und die nächste Sendung vorproduziert. Respekt und vielen Dank Gerd!

Ausgestrahlt wird die Sendung am Mittwoch, 1. April (kein Aprilscherz!).

Bis dahin: bleibt zuhause, und bleibt gesund!

Eure Bluesfreunde

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Jubiläum – 100. Bluesstammtisch

Der aufmerksame Zuhörer hat es sicherlich mitbekommen, aber auch an diese Stelle nochmal: am 26.02. hatten wir Grund zum Feiern, der 100. Bluesstammtisch ging über den Äther. Es macht uns und hoffentlich auch euch viel Spass, und wir freuen uns auf viele weitere Sendungen.

Im Studio hatten wir überraschenden Besuch, worüber wir uns sehr gefreut haben: Heiner Reinert vom Heimathaus hat sich auf den Weg aus Twist gemacht, um zu gratulieren: vielen Dank!

Auf dem Bild sind Berni, Heiner, Winnie und Gerd